Client Testimonials

Mary is a pleasure to work with and I wish that I could have her live with us for a month! She is the Super Nanny of organization! Mary has a tremendous sense of humor and energy, which makes working with her a lot of fun. Her focus, superior organizational abilities and candor make her the perfect person to whip all of us “less than organized folks” into shape very quickly.

Wendy White- Baxter, Working Mother, Madison, New Jersey

I attended one of Mary’s workshops in New York and I was so inspired by her approach, that I immediately began to “clear out” my apartment with gusto: Furniture, under-bed storage, closets, clothes, books, and antiques. It felt great! I later hired her for more personal coaching… when she helped me realize that keeping things [no matter how well-organized] had impact beyond a need for more closet space. Many of my beautiful belongings represented a life already-lived or a life on-hold – saved-up for future use. It wasn’t until I let go, that I was able to see how much beauty there is all around me in the right-now!

Virginia C., Sales Executive, New York, New York

Mary Carolmagno makes doing ANYTHING wonderfully clear, fun, and easy. She is a dream to work with, has a great sense of humor, and really lives the principles she advocates in her book – to let go of junk and make room for wonderful new things that order and clarity can provide. I would create reasons to work with Mary because she makes everything better! My HIGHEST recommendation.

Kathryn Davison, Guide, Asheville, North Carolina