Mary wrote the book on self-improvement with Best Friend for Hire, a semi-autobiographical novel that is now available.   She draws from her personal experiences working with clients to create a lively and humorous novel that draws upon her 20 years of professional organizing.

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Live More, Want Lesslivemorewantless

Live More, Want Less give readers a user-friendly non-judgmental approach to simplifying their lives in a week-at-a-time format. Offering personal narratives, a reflection on a Taoist-inspired “way” toward more meaning, and a list of daily practices that bring tangible change, Live More, Want Less provides universal guidelines for every reader’s unique issue. Covering themes like shopping addictions, procrastination, prioritizing, “busyness”, weight loss, and more, Mary’s “been there, done that” approach reassures the tentative that greater clarity can be gained by voluntarily living with less, and that de-cluttering both physically and mentally can allow one to experience life more fully.

Secrets of Simplicitysecrets

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Secrets of Simplicity — Bulging in-boxes, out-of-control stress, and even climate change serve as reminders that when it comes to being happy and healthy, less is more. In this interactive journal, organization expert Mary Carlomagno leads readers on a journey toward release and discovery. Guided by the principle that the way you spend your time and money should reflect your true priorities, Secrets of Simplicity shows how to make practical changes to unburden your closets and calendars and make room for what’s really important. Readers can record their successes, as they de-clutter their homes and in the process, their minds.

Give it Up! My year of Learning to Live Better with Lessbook

A refreshing book demonstrates how giving something up often results in gaining something important.
“Entertaining Reading” Publishers Weekly
“Inspirational and thought provoking” Library Journal
“Book for a Better Life” selection
Like most people, Mary Carlomagno was stressed out, over scheduled, and tripping over the clutter of her days–until she decided to take control. Each month, she renounced one thing: alcohol, shopping, elevators, newspapers, cell phones, dining out, television, taxis, coffee, cursing, chocolate and multitasking. Find out more about her journey in her new book, Give It Up!